About us

My darling Kathryn and I (Moe) are a husband and wife production team on the weekends! We are known to the world as BrainDagger Films, you can find a link to our main site below if you wanna see some more of our work. I am a disabled veteran (Navy Broadcaster) and NBC retiree while she currently rocks it as a schooltecher. Summers off! When we have free time we love working on video projects for charities, friends, bands, organizations and businesses we find interesting or entertaining. In the past we have bounced from project to project in a "whatever pops up" kinda style. Now we're working on a more regimented approach with our weekly video series, THE RUTABAGA 216. You can just call it The Rutabaga for short if you want. We are focusing mostly on bars, entertainment venues and restaraunts in the Cleveland area but we have a wide variety of interests so don't be surprised if a climbing gym or farmer's market end up here! We are also excited about any businesses that would be interested in being featured on the show. We really enjoy widening our horizons and making new friends so if you are interested in being featured please get ahold of us. The more the merrier! We are a pro-bono service so there is no cost to produce a video or put it on the site. We are genuinely just having loads of fun doing the show. Thanks for taking a look!